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Fly Me To The Moon (2012) 

by Marie Jones

Shaun Blaney Nominated for

In The Name of the Son

Following its sell-out run at the Lyric Theatre in 2021 and prior to its Edinburgh Festival premiere, In the Name of the Son - The Gerry Conlon Story returns to Belfast with actor Shaun Blaney reprising his stand out role as Gerry Conlon.


The Irish Times Awards Best Actor nominee steps onto the Grand Opera House stage for seven performances of Richard O’Rawe and Martin Lynch's play In The Name of The Son. This exciting play chronicles the extraordinary life of The Guildford 4’s Gerry Conlon following his release from prison in 1989.


Who could forget the TV images of a wild-eyed, fist-pumping man, storming up to a bank of microphones outside The Old Bailey, proclaiming to the world, “I am a totally innocent man!” The story of what happened next and what kind of man that emerged from 14 years of soul-destroying imprisonment is simply the stuff of legend.


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